Past Speakers

Past Speakers

Prepare to Be Inspired!

Our past speakers have been trailblazers in the tech world, making significant impacts. These aren’t just any experts – they’re the innovators from some of the world's most cutting-edge brands, and they’ve shared their incredible journeys with us.

Stay tuned, as speakers for MTF San Francisco will be revealed soon.

We are Muslim Tech Fest.
Image of Amer Baroudi

Amer Baroudi

Co-founder and CEO at nsave

Image of Salma Hussain

Salma Hussain

AI and Data Consultant

Placeholder image

Idil Wais

Strategy Design Research at Microsoft

Image of Ruhul Amin

Ruhul Amin

Co-founder and Chief Architect at Onfido

Image of Asim Lone

Asim Lone

CEO of Charity Right

Image of Naureen Mohammed

Naureen Mohammed

Head of CPG Marketing at META

Image of Adil Abbuthalha

Adil Abbuthalha

Founder of Boycat LLC

Image of Peter Gould

Peter Gould

CEO of Collective Continuum

Image of Sumaya Ahmed

Sumaya Ahmed

UX Designer at Just Eat Takeaway

Image of Arfah Farooq

Arfah Farooq

Organiser of Muslim Tech Fest

Image of Husayn Kassai

Husayn Kassai

CEO/Founder of

Image of Miher Ahmad

Miher Ahmad

Senior Account Manager at Google

Image of Omar Yaqub

Omar Yaqub

Servant of Servants at IslamicFamily

Image of Humayra Hanif

Humayra Hanif

Co-founder of Hulm Club & Lead Software Engineer at thisdotsoftware

Image of Sajad Mahmood

Sajad Mahmood

Co-founder of Manza

Image of Sherifat Akintunde-Shitu

Sherifat Akintunde-Shitu

MDM Capability Lead at Accenture UKI

Image of Zahid Mahmood

Zahid Mahmood

Organiser of Muslim Tech Fest

Image of Niaz Azad

Niaz Azad

Co-founder of Millennial Money UK

Image of Shaf Choudry

Shaf Choudry

Co Founder of The Riz Test & Seen on Screen Institute

Image of Yasmine El-Mehairy

Yasmine El-Mehairy

Co-Founder of Dija Money

Image of Sahdya Darr

Sahdya Darr

Freelance Community Organiser, Campaigner & Advocate for Social Justice

Image of Shahid Munir

Shahid Munir

Founder of TrustXPay

Image of Ismail Jeilani

Ismail Jeilani

Co-Founder and CEO of LiveLink

Image of Abeer Abu Ghaith

Abeer Abu Ghaith

Founder and CEO of MENA Alliances

Image of Suhair Khan

Suhair Khan

Founder of open-ended design

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